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CC to BTC Method 2020

CC to BTC Method 2020 Best Cashout Methods of credit card CC Cashout Method 2020 Follow us for Cashout The CC or Want Convert CC to BTC In 2020 we will Guide You from beginner to Advance level CC to BTC Method 2020.

That’s the stuff you needed before start:

  • CCs
  • ANON sim cards (1 per renter and 1 per customer)
  • Your computer (of course :P)
  • Photo Exif Editor Apps (Runs with Android free app)
  • Anon Offshore CC with IBAN attached (optional but very useful for quick big cashouts)


  • Your renter account
  • Preparation
  • Your listing
  • Wait
  • Your customer account
  • Booking and cashout
  • Clean your bitcoins
  • Tricks

Now let’s start. This method will allow you to cash out all CCs to BTC easily with fake listings on works in Europe and America, has no security (but it would be better if you use VPN, SOCKS5, etc..) no chargeback, and bitcoins are accepted.

CC to BTC Method 2020

Now I am going to explain to you step by step the process CC to BTC Method 2020:

DAY 1: Open an account (renter) on 9flats with a fake e-mail address, during the first 3 days log-in your account and visit the website, take quick looks on the listings (act like a real renter )CC to BTC Method 2020 .

During these 3 days, you will need to pick up some pictures of flats for rent (the best way groups on Facebook). Once you have your pictures, you will need to change the EXIF data (use « Photo EXIF editor » for that), to the geolocation of your fake listing (use real geolocation, google maps is your friend) and very important change also the info « photo taken the … » and chose a date during these 3 days (very good to increase your scoring) and don’t forget your pics in .jpg (important ! ! ) CC to BTC Method 2020

After these 3 days create your listing on 9flats, the best way is to make a good standing flat in a chic place (approx $150 – $200 per day). Be a comedian! Put periods of unavailability to look like to a regular renter. After that, you will need to wait for 48h to 72h before your rental ad is online CC to BTC Method 2020.

After 72h max, your ad is online, good! Log-in sometimes every day (or every 2 days) for 1 week to look like as same as a normal renter.

1 week after Day 1 open a customer account (name must be as same as cc holder of course), act like a real customer, take your time to visit ads near the area of your fake flat, ask questions to other renters (4 days), after the 4th day: Card your own ad and don’t forget to contact the fake renter (you ! ) before, ask some questions, CC to BTC Method 2020

Once your fake booking is OK, you will receive an e-mail from 9flats, again be clever, log to your 9flats account by the link provided on your e-mail from 9flats, but it would be better if you let few hours before your booking and your cashout. At the cashout, the options are: Bank wire or Bitcoins, of course, choose bitcoins.
The best way to clean your dirty BTC is grams they provide a new address every 10 hours.

If after the booking you will have only 1 option: « payment in cash » the reason is that you have not been clever enough, so don’t forget to send some messages to other renters also with the owner of your fake flat (you ! ) during the booking.

You can also bypass the option payment in cash: make a distant booking of about 1month, this process is useful because it allows you to cash out the funds of your 1st booking.
The anon SIM cards may be useful if they need SMS verification (but not every time, I needed it one time only) CC to BTC Method 2020

The anon CC with IBAN attached may be VERY VERY VERY useful to cashout BIG amounts! (Why? Because you will be able to make fake bookings with big amounts without fraud because the owner of the CC is you, you will have to pay the fees of course but it would be very profitable and it will allow you to increase your scoring to 200%)

The first thing needed to bypass the Gmail security is a background check
use one that allows email lookup CC to BTC Method 2020

steps* search the email on or on advance background check
to know the state and country of the email owner.
once you get the state and country use sock of that state or RDP
( i prefer RDP, because when you use the email Country RDP at times state doesn’t matter).
after that login to the Gmail account, it would either ask for confirmation of recovery email
or phone number and it will display part of it.

that’s it….. Simple

Note: to get the recovery email and password. lookup the email account on a background check.
you will see the other email address and phone numbers.

Congratulations! Now you know this easy method to cashout all CCs to BTC, please don’t forget to act as a real customer/renter to avoid suspicions, if you follow step by step your guide it will be easy for you to make $200 benefits every day.

  • Visit this link;
  • Add 5-10 20$ each steam card in your shopping cart.
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Now choose Skrill to Pay. CC to BTC Method 2020
  • Now come to the main point.

1. Prepare valid cards, find some cards from NON-VBV boxes from these countries, Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru, or using some USA & Canada that can make the password like these boxes 415747, etc.

2. Make a new e-mail with with card information

3. Prepare and Execute VPN, recommended VPN premium, many options available in the country

4. Find Clean Socks5 ( Never use vip72 socks for carding) the same as the country of cards [ note: check the quality of your socks on , if DNS is leaking socks are not preferable for carding ]

5. Set the computer/phone time as well as the country time of the card

6. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it. Better if you have an anti detect/fraud fox.

7. Go to websites, make 1 order under <$ 100 value, CC to BTC Method 2020

8.Go to basket> Checkout> Choose Payment> Choose Skrill> Pick Visa / Mastercard> Registration

9.Registration> using card information + new email> confirm link in email

10. After registering, wait about 1-2 hours and continue to insert all the cards

11. Have problems verifying the US phone number? Here are solutions: a) have someone having a legit US phone number and take help from him.b) – free – medium quality) – paid – good quality

12. You will receive your request in an email.

That’s All. You will receive your Steam Gift Code within 5 minutes.For Converting Into Bitcoin you can exchange this gift code for Bitcoin on or CC to BTC Method 2020

Contact if you want to know the method to pay via paypal which is more faster than this method.

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