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Doenerium fully undetectable grabber


Doenerium Is A Fully Undetected Grabber (Grabs Wallets, Passwords, Cookies, Modifies Discord Client Etc.)

Features : 

         Stealer :

  • Discord Token
  • Discord Info – Username, Phone number, Email, Billing, Nitro Status & Backup Codes
  • Discord Friends with rare badges
  • Grabs crypto wallets – money_with_wings Zcash rocket Armory dvd Bytecoin dollar Jaxx gem Exodus chart_with_downwards_trend Ethereum hammer Electrum joystick AtomicWallet chart Guarda zap Coinomi
  • Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, OperaGX, Edge, Brave, Yandex) – Passwords, Cookies, Autofill & History (Searches for specific keywords such as PayPal, Coinbase etc. in them)
  • Screenshot(s)
  • Injects itself to discord to grab token when changed

Additional :

  • Crypto Clipper – BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, XRP, NEO, BCH, DOGE, DASH, XLM
  • Ultra Obfuscation (use
  • Anti-Debug
  • Anti-VM
  • Validates a found discord token and then sends it to your discord webhook
  • Sends all files to your discord webhook in beautiful embeds and a structured zip file

Screenshots :

Doenerium Grabber

Setting Up :

  • Install Node.js
  • Install Visual studio with C++ compilers and all enabled (is a bit gigs but u wont have errors)
  • Run install.bat file to install all necessary files
  • Replace WEBHOOK with your webhook in config.js
  • Run build.bat and wait for doenerium-win.exe to be built.

 Todo :

  • Exodus wallet injection (get the password whenever the user logs in the wallet)
  • More grabbers (VPN’s, Gaming, Messengers)
  • Keylogger
  • Growtopia stealer
  • Discord bot to build within discord ($build <webhook_url>)
  • Dynamic encryption
  • Automatic obfuscation when building
  • Firefox stealer
  • Fix browser history
  • Make it so it won’t build with node-18 for less file size

 License :

By downloading this, you agree to the Commons Clause license and that you’re not allowed to sell this repository or any code from this repository. For more info see commonsclause

 Note :

There is no official telegram server of this project. I don’t own

I am not responsible for any damages this software may cause. This was made for personal education.

Download : 


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