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Email sorter Free Download Php Email sorter Link To separate Emails of gmail yahoo etc . Do you know how many emails you receive every day? Our guess is that a lot since around 300 billion emails are sent and received every year. That’s more than 40 emails for every single person on this planet, regardless of their age or socioeconomic status. Those who use email for work-related purposes often receive more than 100 emails every single day, but only a small fraction of the emails they receive are legitimate and even fewer of them are urgent.

Because not all emails are equally important, it doesn’t make much sense to manage them as if they were, but that’s exactly what most people do. They start from the most recent email and methodically open one email after the next until there are no unread emails left to open. If this sounds familiar, you need email sorter software in your life.

Email sorter Download 2020

The purpose of email sorter software is to intelligently sort your emails according to various criteria, such as their importance, topic, sender, or age. You can then start your morning by reading only those emails that actually deserve to be read, which saves you time for other tasks that need to be done.

Clean Email sorts emails into easy-to-review bundles that can be removed, archived, moved, and more with a simple click. For example, a bundle can contain only social network notifications, junk emails and spam, emails from addresses you know and recognize as safe, subscriptions and newsletters, finance emails, online shopping emails, or emails with very large attachments.

To save you even more time, Clean Email lets you apply selected actions automatically in the future. If you never read emails from your favorite online store because you know that they contain only invoices and delivery confirmations but want to keep them just to be safe, you can tell Clean Email to automatically mark them as read and archive them as soon as they arrive.

Email sorter Benefits

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • gmxaol
  • yahoo
  • wanadoo
  • ntlwrold
  • web
  • other


Email sorting is the foundation of email management. By using modern email sorter software tools to quickly identify which emails are important and which are not, you can save yourself a lot of time and finally unclutter your inbox. After testing multiple email sorters, we’ve decided that Clean Email is the best app of its kind currently available because it’s extremely easy to use and always able to reliably organize emails into easy-to-review bundles.

How Email Sorter works?

step 1 : Download the files from below button

step 2 : extract the file geo.php now upload the file in your website from cpanel

step 3 : now visit the page url you will seen emails sorter page

step 4 : Now You can sort email with email sorter there

Email Sorter Free Download

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