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GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES 2023 Hello everyone, in this guide we will show you how to export cookies in your Chrome browser in 2022.


We have been crazy busy trying to please every customer, but it has been difficult because some people come to us with a lot of money without any experience and after buying tools they panic because they don’t know where to go and what to do with them GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES 2023.

We try our best to educate you with all the guides we provide for free so you can learn and then purchase the tools from our store GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES 2023

This is a short export guide on how you can import/export cookies in Chrome.

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Linux, Windows, it doesn’t matter, but use Chrome, NOT chrome GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES 2023.

This can be very useful when you are going to pay PayPal and bank account records and other things.

First, install this extension called Get Cookies.txt, which you can download from the Chrome Web Store by clicking the link below:

Visit your site where you want to export cookies, for example we currently have as you can see in our screenshot above.

Click on the extension.

Click “Export” and the text file should download to your laptop. This text file contains your cookies from the website you are currently visiting GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES 2023.

Your file looks like this. It is netscape format.
To convert netscape cookies to json cookies so you can import them into your chrome, simply visit this link below:

Insert netscape cookies

Copy the cookies JSON into a file and call it with a .json extension, for example: cookies.json
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Sometimes it is necessary to transfer cookies from one computer to another. For example, you are going to log into Facebook from another computer while traveling abroad. If you do this directly from another computer, you will most likely be asked to verify your identity, which is not always easy when you are not in your home country. How to avoid it? Pretty simple. All you need is a Google Chrome browser with the EditThisCookie add-on. Let me show you how to do it.

First, let’s install the Chrome extension using this link

Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

When done, you should see a cookie icon next to the address bar:

Okay, let’s go to Facebook and see what cookies we have. Open, log in and click on the cookie icon. You should see something like this:

Great, we have some cookies. We copy them all to the clipboard by clicking the export icon in the plugin

Your cookies should now be in your clipboard. Open any text editor and paste the contents of the clipboard into it to save it. My cookies look like this:

Save this cookie and copy it to a USB flash drive (or phone or other storage you can take with you).

Now suppose we have a new computer in another country and need to check Facebook messages. You should also have Chrome installed with the EditThisCookie extension to perform this trick. So let’s go to to see the main page. Open EditThisCookie and delete all cookies by clicking the trash can icon. Great, now we have no cookies at all!

It’s time to import the previously saved cookies. Open the Import extension section and paste the contents of the backup cookie file there:

Click the green button and you’re done. All cookies have been reset!

Now it’s time to reload the page. Once you do, you’ll be logged in! You won’t be asked for additional authentication because the cookies are the same and it looks like you’ve just moved your laptop to another location.

You can use this method when you need to deal with any cookies. EditThisCookie allows you to change cookie values ​​and anything else related to cookie functionality.

Import cookies into Kameleo
If you already have cookies that you would like to import into Kameleo, you can easily do so using Kameleo’s Cookie Import & Export tool .


You can import cookies from the clipboard or from a JSON file. The format is the same as for export, so it is compatible with all popular cookie import and export tools, such as Edit This Cookie.

If you are importing cookies for a domain that already contains cookies for that profile, you will be prompted with the message: “Cookies with matching domains will be overwritten. Do you want to continue?”

If you click No, nothing happens. If you click Yes, your existing cookies will be overwritten by new ones.


Import and export cookies for Chrome profiles
After starting your browser, you will need to install the Edit this cookie add-on.

Kameleo-Cookie-Import-Export-S-EditThisCookie.PNG GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES

You can easily export cookies from the website you are visiting using the export button. You can paste them in notepad or you can save them in .json files GUIDE TO EXPORT COOKIES.


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