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Hacking full course in Hindi

Hacking full course in Hindi

In This course we Cover That How you can become A ethical Hacker in hindi


You will become Pro Hacker after learning this Course in Your local Language Hindi. You will be able to hack Android Phones WhatsApp social media and computer hacking in Hindi. you will learn about rat worms trojans and different types of viruses and malware. You will learn how to find the target and scan the target for vulnerabilities and remove their vulnerabilities to make a successful exploit.


  • Basics Knowledge of Computer
  • Windows Operating System 7/10
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual-core processor
  • 20 GB HD
  • Ultra HD Videos
  • Course length is 6 hours

Who this course is for:-

  • Ethical and Black Hat hackers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Security engineers
  • Network engineers
  • IT security professionals
  • Computer Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to Hack in Hindi
  • Anyone using internet
  • Anyone who wants to know the blackhat hacking world in Hindi
  • Anyone who wants to secure their data
  • anyone who wants to learn blackhat hacking in Hindi

Course outline of Hacking full course in Hindi :

  • What is Hacking in Hindi
  • who are hackers in Hindi
  • types of hackers in Hindi
  • Types of viruses in the Hindi language
  • Types of Ips and explanation in Hindi
  • scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Complete Footprinting course in Hindi
  • VPN and proxy socks etc
  • Using of computer rat in Urdu
  • How to make confuse computer antiviruses
  • Definition of computer worms
  • definition of computer binders
  • definition of virus crypters and encryptions
  • Hacking Android device in Hindi
  • How to hack WhatsApp
  • how to hack social media accounts
  • how to hack Facebook account in Hindi
  • how to hack mobile phone camera
  • Port forwarding for remote device hacking
  • Reading SMS of victims
  • installing Kali Linux in VMware/virtual box
  • fixing errors of kali Linux latest version
  • Explanation of Class A, B, C proxies
  • find target IP
  • IP tracing and IP Lookup in Hindi
  • Tracking Mobile Number owner information
  • investigation of Mobile number and emails
  • facebook database of people
  • Facebook custom search engine
  • Twitter trending tracking
  • Encoding and decoding of Secrets in Hindi
  • image investigation in Hindi
  • criminal database
  • terrorist database
  • dark web directories
  • dark web links and methods
  • Gmail tracking
  • Finding secret Servers of websites
  • finding Cpanel of news channels
  • scanning IP and finding for Vulnerabilities
  • finding hosts of IP
  • Scanning Complete country IPS for Hacking cameras and PCS/servers
  • Types of cards
  • what is carding in Hindi
  • how carders work in Hindi
  • complete carding course in Hindi
  • Complete ATM hacking course in Hindi
  • All about Blackhat Hacking in hindi
  • All about the Hacking full course in Hindi

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