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How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat 2023

How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat lots of you have got been asking me,

Right here is the solution How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat :

“How can i have a look at for the CWA certification exam, and what cloth is protected at the examination?”

The White Hat Hacker associate (CWA) covers 14 domain names or problem areas. the whole thing you want to recognise is right here on Hackers-arise. There will be no questions that are not blanketed here on this web site, assured.

it’s vital to be aware that this is an entry-stage certification and now not a expert certification. As such, it will emphasize the basics of each of these 14 domains with out going into terrific intensity. There are not any labs on the CWA, although, there are labs with the CWE and the CWP How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat
How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat 2023

The questions can be strictly a couple of choice. if you recognise the basic standards, you must be capable of skip this examination after which begin to paintings your manner toward the more advanced CWE and the CWP.

The 14 domain names and their weight on the examination, in addition to the articles you have to examine and know to prepare for the CWA, are How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat :

This is probably the only place i’ve written the least on.

The concept here is that the successful CWA needs to understand what a White Hat Hacker is and what they do. The CWA desires to keep in mind that a White Hat Hacker may fit in pentesting, facts safety, cyber battle, and espionage among some of industries. similarly, the CWA have to be familiar with the hacker method.

what’s a White Hat Hacker How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat ?

The important competencies to become a professional Hacker

2. IT fundamentals – 10%

To be a White Hat Hacker, there are some IT basics that you should realize. as an example, you want to apprehend the fundamentals of Linux, networking, and TCP/IP. it is essential to understand Linux–as it is the hacker platform– for proper motive How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

Linux fundamentals for the Aspiring Hacker (series)

Getting commenced with Kali Linux

Why every Hacker ought to recognise Linux

Networking basics, part 1

Networking basics, component 2

three. Passive Reconnaissance – 8%

This section starts the same old hacking manner, beginning with passive reconnaissance. this is reconnaissance that can not be detected by way of the target. You must be familiar with Shodan and how to abuse DNS for reconnaissance and eventually, a bit of SNMP How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

a way to discover susceptible goals the usage of the Shodan search Engine

Abusing DNS for Reconnaissance

a way to take advantage of SNMP for Reconnaissance

working gadget Fingerprinting with p0F

4. active Reconnaissance & Port Scanning – 10%

Port scanning can be among one the maximum fundamental abilities of the hacker, and Nmap can be the most fundamental tools of the hacker. the following two courses on Nmap and Hping3 have to be enough which will bypass this segment of the examination How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

the use of nmap for Reconnaissance

using hping3 for Reconnaissance

five. Social Engineering – 5%

i have written little right here on social engineering, but many of the hacks i have designated encompass a few measure of social engineering, consisting of getting people to click on on a PDF, word, or MCL file. in addition, you must be acquainted with the Social Engineering Toolkit and social engineering strategies How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

6. basics of Password Cracking – 10%

The CWA have to recognize the basics and principles of password hacking/cracking. You have to study my collection on password cracking and be familiar with some of the password cracking equipment inclusive of Cain and Abel, John the Ripper, Hashcat, and THC-Hydra How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

* Password Cracking series

. basics of Metasploit – 7%

despite the fact that the CWA won’t go into wonderful detail on the use of Metasploit,

to correctly bypass the CWA exam, you need to understand the primary standards and instructions of Metasploit, consisting of what is an make the most, payload, goal, LHOST, RHOST and many others. I endorse you examine and observe the subsequent collection How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

Metasploit basics for Hackers (collection)

eight. basics of Cryptography – 5%

The CWA isn’t always anticipated to be a cryptographer, but they need to be familiar with the ideas of symmetric vs. asymmetric cryptography, PKI, hashes, and many others. The test questions on the examination will be limited to the terms and ideas in the following article.

Crytography basics

9. basics of Sniffing – 5%

Sniffing is a rudimentary skill for each the network engineer and White Hat Hacker. To bypass the CWA, you need to understand what sniffing is and how to use such tools as Wireshark. check out the following article for assist on Wireshark. To study more about Wireshark, read How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat ;

community Forensics: Wireshark fundamentals, part 1

10. fundamentals of snort – five%

laugh is the arena’s maximum widely used intrusion detection device (IDS). information the way it works will make you a higher protection engineer and hacker. The CWA could be predicted to understand the basics of snigger operation and the shape of a snigger rule How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

snigger basics, component 1: installing laugh

a way to examine & Write laugh regulations to prevent an IDS

eleven. fundamentals of Vulnerability Scanning – 7%

Vulnerability scanning is vital to coming across regarded vulnerabilities in internet site, applications, and operating structures How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat . The CWA must be familiar with the concepts and limitations of vulnerability scanning. To prepare for the exam, take a look at those three articles:

* Vulnerability Scanning with Nexpose

12. square Injection & Database Hacking – five%

sq. injection is one of the nice ways for hackers to get to the hacker’s pot of gold, the database. The successful CWA need to apprehend the fundamentals of square Injection and database hacking. To have a look at for this section of the exam, take a look at out my Hacking Databases How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat

how to Hack Databases (series)

thirteen. wireless Hacking – 10%

Any hacker really worth their salt needs to understand the basics of wi-fi hacking. To skip the examination, you have to distinguish between the one-of-a-kind styles of wireless protection (WEP How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat , WPA, and WPA2), in addition to the primary equipment and techniques of wireless hacking.

To examine for this part of the examination, ensure to read:

* wi-fi Hacking (series)

4. internet App & Server Hacking – 10%

the key things to have a look at here are my net app hacking series. although the web app hacking series is a ways from whole (as are all my series), you will handiest need to understand the basics for this exam which can be included in these articles How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat
How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat 2023

a way to Hack net Apps (series)

on the brink of become an authorized Hacker!

extra advanced problem regions which include cell hacking, Metasploit hacking, take advantage of development, and scripting will not be on the CWA examination, however will seem on the more superior CWE and CWP How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat , where the certification will require the finishing touch of a hacking lab to reveal proficiency with tools and concepts.

take into account that this examination will handiest cowl principles and gear covered right here on Hackers-get up, so no need to buy out of doors books and classes. If it is not on Hackers-stand up, it’ll not be blanketed on the examination. The exam is completely on-line (because it need to be in 2021), so no need to tour to big trying out web sites How To Study and Pass the Certified Whitehat .

additionally, please keep in mind that if you can’t find an article, kind the keywords inside the search field up top.

if you need extra help preparing for the exam, do not forget taking the CWA Prep path with master OTW.

we have just started presenting the CWA Prep course motion pictures that cover all the cloth on the examination for simply $ninety nine. With these motion pictures, you are sure to bypass the exam!

For extra records on buying the class films, click on here.

despite the fact that no longer required, reading from Linux fundamentals for Hackers and Getting started turning into a master Hacker is splendid material to prepare to bypass this certification exam.

bear in mind, if you are a MEMBER at Hackers-arise, you get all certifications exams at 50% off.

WhiteHat hackers also are referred to as moral Hackers. WhiteHat hackers are in high call for due to the fact they play a vital position in cybersecurity. these professionals proactively discover vulnerable areas in security networks and connect them earlier than attackers can take advantage of them.

The certified WhiteHat Hacker program is via the worldwide Tech Council. The certification path offers a deeper expertise of safety systems, moral hacking techniques, and safety practices that ought to be followed. certified ethical hackers paintings in various fields, consisting of health care, finance, authorities, and many extra. So, if you need to put your programming competencies to desirable use, this can be your gateway to a rewarding profession in cybersecurity as an moral hacker.

understand what it manner to be a WhiteHat Hacker
understand numerous techniques of ethical hacking
benefit in-depth information approximately structures, networks, and IoT protection
study various security first-rate practices


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