IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING,  Bug bounty programs are a joint laboratory between companies and white-collar hackers who work together to uncover security vulnerabilities and bugs in corporate technology.

Why are bug bounty programs held IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING, methood?

Most importantly, companies running bug bounty programs can set ground rules and limits on how they want hackers to test their sites, how far they can go to break their site, and how much compensation hackers can expect for reporting vulnerabilities.

Developers in companies develop code, but sometimes there are some mistakes or flows that remain invisible. An error can be as small as a “;” or as large as a flow that can lead to a takeover of the root domain. Security teams in companies hardly have time to find every bug and sometimes security teams are reckless due to lack of manpower. So these security teams turn to private contractors for help and offer a reward IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.


How can you make money hunting bugs IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING, ?

Bug bounty hunters are paid cold or hard cash to find bugs in web application, software and websites. Depending on the impact of the vulnerability, the bounty hunter is rewarded. The reward can vary from an awesome t-shirt to thousands of dollars per bug, again depending on how much your vulnerability affects the test asset. One can earn thousands of dollars a year in addition to finding and reporting bugs every day, or one can freelance and make it a full-time career IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

What is the scope of bug bounty hunting?
A survey of 1,700 bug bounty hunters from more than 195 countries and territories by security business HackerOne, supplemented by the company’s data on 900 bug bounty programs, found that hackers earn an average salary that is 2.7 times that of regular software engineers . their home countries.

In some places the gap is much more pronounced. In India, for example, hackers earn up to 16 times the median programmer salary. In the US, they earn 2.4 times the median.

HackerOne bases its salary data on data from PayScale. For India, the average annual salary of a software engineer is $6,418. For the US it is $81,193 IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.


What are the prerequisites to become a successful bounty hunter?

(a) . Read tons: – Read, read and repeat. It is a very vast area and requires a deep understanding of the concepts to find the main fault. It’s just a combination of knowledge and observation and sometimes luck. You should be able to recognize what a vulnerability is and how you can exploit it IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023. There are many blogs that keep you informed about the latest information related to the infosec field. Go to famous sites like hackerone,

IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023 go through profiles of top bounty hunters one by one, follow them on twitter as their accounts are listed in their profiles. Sometimes the best bug bounty hunters will post their reports on their Twitter accounts, which can be a huge asset as they tell you how they approached the bug. There are many books that can make you a master bug hunter if you research each line.

(b). Keep learning: You must always try to learn new concepts, tools and this can be very beneficial for you as it will make your work easier. Many times there are new tools coming in the market aimed at finding a specific type of bug and they can pay you a corresponding amount of money if used in finding bugs IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

(C). Languages ​​you should learn: You should have some prior knowledge of languages ​​like html, css, java script. You should also know some scripting languages ​​like python, ruby ​​and bash. These languages ​​will help in automation which makes work much easier. It is recommended to learn some basic networking concepts, how Http APIs and protocols work. You should learn to build applications in python (django framework) or ruby ​​(rails framework) to get an idea of ​​how applications work and where the flow may be present in an application IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

(d). Try this:- You should think outside the box, major mistakes take time and think outside the box. It is more valuable to find a bug that cost you $1000 than 5 bugs that cost you $200. If you find a small bug, try to dig deeper and combine other factors that can increase its impact IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

(E). Keep calm and don’t expect anything: Keep your emotions under control, sometimes the company may pay you more than expected for a small mistake, then you should also be prepared if the company sent you a plain t-shirt for a big mistake. Contains surprises don’t you think XD.

Sites that host the bug bounty program:

Pros and cons of bug bounty hunting IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023:-
Here comes the most important part of this blog, the points you should keep in mind if you want to do bug bounty hunting as a career:-

Advantages and disadvantages IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023:-

a) From the point of view of the company hosting the bug bounty program:-
Hosting bug bounty programs attracts both white hat hackers and black hat hackers. Both have the same level of benefits and consequences. If a black hat hacker (cracker) finds a serious flaw, it can lead to a breach of confidential data, takeover of the main or subdomain, or even the deletion of the entire site.
If the company’s budget is fair enough, the company can host and pay for the program for more days, and more and more bugs can be fixed,

IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023which also improves the standard and image of the company in the market. On the other hand, if the company’s budget does not match the brand, it can sometimes lead to not paying for major mistakes, many complaints about the company and lowering its image.
Sometimes hackers contribute to free bug bounty programs and major bugs can be fixed, but sometimes even for paid bug bounties, hackers will post bug reports for fame or sell their knowledge on the black market. This can cause serious consequences.


b) From the point of view of bug bounty hunters:-

There is no limit to how much bug bounty money you can earn or how many bugs you can find. So it can cost you to spend a lot of time exchanging nothing for thousands of bucks and comparatively less time. Sometimes it’s also about luck.
One can do bug bounties as a side career doing their main job and can turn it into an additional source of income, unlike full-time bug bounty hunters can starve for a long time without getting paid any serious money.
One communicates with many target specific and experienced people, which can give you motivation and desire to find more bugs. But sometimes you come in contact with a black hat hacker with nefarious intentions and you believe that person can make you suffer.
Sometimes the company pays more than expected for a mistake IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Being a bug hunter who reveals his discoveries to vendors (as opposed to selling information to the highest bidder) was and is the ambition of many ethical hackers.

Before salespeople started paying for information, the best they could hope for was a lucrative job offer, although induction into the company’s hall of fame was a pretty good incentive for most.

bug hunting

Currently, many vendors and service providers have an official vulnerability disclosure program, either operated internally or managed by a third party, offering bug bounties for quality reports of newly discovered vulnerabilities in their offerings.

The sheer number of bug bounty programs in existence, and the fact that the bounties are sometimes in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, has led many bug hunters to focus on finding vulnerabilities as their sole occupation IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Those who have yet to make this transition but would like to do so are wondering if they are ready for this kind of life/work.

Full-time bug hunting isn’t for everyone
For someone who already has a consistent, well-paying job and maybe a few kids, hunting bugs as a full-time job might not be the best thing to jump into, says Tommy DeVoss, a hacker from Virginia, USA.

One reason is that finding bugs requires a lot of effort (learning) and time. But if you’re ready for it, you’ll succeed, says Cosmin, a 30-year-old Romanian hacker who lives in Osnabrück, Germany (and prefers not to give his last name) IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

“Read the documentation, learn to write your own tools, read security articles, invest time in research, learn to write reports, and always approach your goal tactically with a strategy that works for you,” he advised.

“It’s also very important to remember that you and your thinking are unique, so don’t go by what this or that person says. Try to get a bit of knowledge and skills from each one, analyze them and then incorporate them into your workflow only if it suits you.”

Santiago Lopez, a young man from Argentina who a year ago became the first bug hunter to earn more than $1 million in rewards through the HackerOne bug bounty platform, pointed out that “lost time” is also something he wants to be full of working hours. the bug hunter must take into account.

What he means is that sometimes a bug you’ve worked long and hard to uncover, document and report has been flagged by another hacker days or just hours ago – and the runners-up are rarely rewarded IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Being able to deal with this fact of life is essential for budding bug hunters, he says, as is having an insatiable curiosity and desire to play with and break things.

Go bug hunting
Each of the three full-time hackers/bug hunters we spoke to for this feature had a different path to their current job.

Lopez’s path was the most direct: he started hacking when he was 15 and received his first bug bounty when he was 16. Since then, he has reported more than 1,600 security bugs. Bug hunting is actually his first job.

DeVoss also started hacking as a kid, but his life had many more twists and turns.

“At school I finished my work in ten minutes and spent the rest of the hour playing on the computer. I was 10 or 11 when I came across a chat room whose members taught me how to hack,” he told Help Net Security.

“I was just a bored kid doing it for fun. I first got in trouble for this in high school and was told to stay away from computers, but I didn’t. I broke into secure government systems with others and was caught again and spent 4 years in prison. I’ve been told that if I get caught again, I won’t get out next time.”

For him, the bug bounty programs were a blessing because he could continue the hobby he loved while staying on the right side of the law.

Before becoming a bug hunter, Cosmin worked as a software developer.

During this time he and his colleagues could choose an event or course to attend to develop skills. He chose a hands-on hacking seminar in Hamburg and learned about the existence of bug bounty platforms.

“Soon after I created my account. I was miserable at first, but slowly, slowly, I gained more experience and now I’ve been doing it full-time for almost 2 years now,” he shared.

Pros and cons of full-time bug hunting
Let’s not get it wrong: money is good if you’re good.

“If someone really works 40 hours a week and is really good, they can easily make 7 figures a year,” says DeVoss. “Right now I work about 10-40 hours a month and I made $903,000 last year. My highest payout for one mistake was about $28,000, and my highest payout for one day, I believe, is around $180,000.”

There’s no upper limit to how much a dedicated full-time bug hunter can make in a year, Cosmin says, but the final amount will depend on luck, timing and experience IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

But for him, the most important benefit of working as a bug hunter on a platform like HackerOne is the ability to work when he wants and as much (or as little) as he wants.

“This allows me to try to stay at my peak level and if I feel down or frustrated, I don’t dwell on it because I usually get nothing but more frustration,” he noted.

“Another advantage is that I can take as many holidays as I want and when I want. I can attend a live hacking event when invited and meet people from all over the world.”

There are also disadvantages. “You don’t have a fixed salary, so some months can be worse than others. Social isolation can be a problem. Finally, you really need to know when to stop or change your work schedule to avoid potential burnout.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for De Voss, one of the most important benefits of reporting vulnerabilities through bug bounty platforms is the protection they offer (ie: they ensure that bounties are implemented in a way that protects researchers legally) IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Personal preference
Each of the three hackers has preferences when it comes to bug bounty programs and vulnerabilities.

Lopez likes to look for IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) bugs, mainly because it’s an easy-to-find type of vulnerability that companies pay big rewards for.

“I have had the opportunity to find a lot of interesting IDORs in my career. The most interesting ones allowed me to delete any user created by the affected company or modify critical settings without permission,” he explained.

In addition, he likes bug bounty programs that pay well and have a wide scope that allows him to research and explore new things IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Cosmin mostly looks for errors in incorrect access control, incorrect configuration in cloud instances, errors in escalation of custom permissions, errors in publishing information, or problems in the login process.

“I don’t spend as much time looking for rXSS (that’s what the spotlight plugin for Burp does) and I don’t look for SQL injection bugs at all. I have IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

The Bug Bounty Program, also known as the Vulnerability Bounty Program (VRP), offers rewards to individuals for discovering and reporting software bugs. As part of a vulnerability management strategy, these crowdsourcing initiatives are often used by companies to supplement penetration testing and internal code audits.

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Bug bounty programs empower independent security experts to report bugs to the company in exchange for rewards or compensation. These errors may include security exploits, vulnerabilities, process issues, hardware errors, etc.

Bug reports are usually generated by programs run by independent third parties. These kinds of programs are primarily curated by the company’s requirements.

The program can be public where anyone can sign up; they may also be private or by invitation only for confidentiality purposes. The program may run for a set period of time or usually without an end date.

Who Uses Bug Bounty Programs?

Major companies including Apple, Android, AOL, Digital Ocean, Goldman Sachs, etc. use bug bounty programs as part of their security program. You can see a list of all programs offered by bug bounty providers such as HackerOne and Bugcrowd on their websites.

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Why do companies use Bug Bounty programs?
Bug bounty programs benefit companies by leveraging hackers who can uncover bugs in companies’ code. These programs have access to more hackers or testers, increasing the chance of finding bugs before malicious hackers try to exploit them.

For companies, it can serve as a good option for public relations. These programs can also serve as a reminder to the public and regulators that the company has a mature security program IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

The popularity of these programs is likely to continue as they are considered an industry standard that all companies should invest in.

Why do researchers and hackers participate in bug bounty programs?
Since the programs offer both cash bonuses and recognition to those who find and report bugs, it’s a great opportunity for some to earn a full-time job, supplemental income, or showcase real-world experience to job seekers. Recently, Google’s bug bounty program paid around ₹6.5 million to an Indore-based engineer for discovering 232 vulnerabilities in Android IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Sometimes these programs can help participants connect with members of the company’s security team. Some like to participate in these programs because they can be fun too! It’s a great and of course legal chance to test your skills against big companies and government agencies.

Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs

Bug bounty programs are increasingly important in both the public and private sectors due to the various benefits they offer to the company being tested IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023.

Increased vulnerability detection
A key benefit of a bug bounty program is that the company hosting it can find and patch a number of vulnerabilities in its applications, preventing exploitation by cybercriminals and preventing significant damage.

The program provides a higher probability of finding vulnerabilities, helps protect a company’s reputation, and reduces high-value hacks.
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Reduced costs
Bug bounty programs provide significant cost savings in several ways. First, paying a bounty to discover a vulnerability costs much less than trying to fix a cybersecurity incident due to the same vulnerability. While reward values ​​are subject to change, even the most expensive rewards are often significantly cheaper than data breaches.

Because companies only have to pay bug bounty hunters if they find something, bug bounty programs are ultimately much cheaper than paying for the same level of security testing through vendors because they have to be paid hourly whether they find something or not IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023. .
Access to a wider pool of talent
Bug bounty programs provide companies with a wider pool of talent that would otherwise be nearly impossible to have in-house. Since the participants in the program are highly skilled and specialized in their fields, they would likely be very heavy on the payroll. A company can perform vulnerability testing with the help of a larger group of bug hunters with a wide range of skills through a bug bounty program than a traditional vulnerability scan or penetration test.
Realistic threat simulation IT’S PROS AND CONS BUG BOUNTY HUNTING 2023
Basically, the company prioritizes finding and patching vulnerabilities that are most likely to be attacked first by malicious attackers. However, the realism of these exercises in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment can be challenging due to a number of different factors.

Bug bounty programs pay companies to bug hunters to act as cybercriminals. These bug finders have the same level of knowledge about the company as hackers, making vulnerability assessments more realistic than structured jobs.
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