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SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023 Penetration testing (Pen trying out) is a treasured service that allow corporations understand wherein the vulnerabilities in their structures, programs and tactics are.

As groups undertake more and more cloud answers and services SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023 methood:

and as cyber-attacks rise, the demand for pen checking out is ready to upward push at a compound annual increase rate (CAGR) of thirteen.nine% over the subsequent ten years SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

this is in part pushed by means of the ongoing chance of facts breaches, which might be turning into greater severa and excessive attracting the general public’s outrage with corporations who aren’t careful with records, is seeing pen testing turn out to be ever extra vital to businesses SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

And with GDPR getting into force in may, introducing capacity fines of up to €20m*for those that fail to protect their customers’ facts, it’s possibly that extra agencies may be turning to pen trying out to help them gain most protection for their statistics SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.



Why should agencies adopt the Pentest-as-a-service version?

however, at the same time as there may be growing demand for pen trying out, it’s far essential that businesses ensure they work with providers that utilize the brand new techniques to ensure surest effectiveness.

Revolutionizing the Pentesting – Pentest-as-a-provider SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023

SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023 A superior model, then again, may be accomplished whilst providers provide pentest- as-a-gain (PTaaS). The volume of this will paintings as a year based totally dedication wherein the merchant plays pentests as required, and conveys the outcomes in an intuitive cloud-based level, giving continuous help for the duration of the remediation cycle. This allows the patron to center around where their work begins in place of where the Pen analyzers; work wraps up SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

an appropriate Platform will empower customers to deal with their entire remediation system,

SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023 extricate tweaked reports of the weakness statistics, allot vulnerabilities to humans or organizations for dedication, and paintings collectively with unique corporations or humans in the framework. it might be given in an open configuration, with proceeded with help from your Pen testing organization to help decipher any subtlety of the record or general route round cybersecurity excellent practice SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

This subscriber-based model is much more value-powerful than the conventional one. instead of engaging in the remediation manner in your personal, the brand new pentest-as-a carrier model offers direct access in your cybersecurity experts, who recognized your vulnerabilities. This enables your enterprise’s IT team manipulate remediation correctly and successfully, leaving you greater secure SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

additionally, SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023  PTaaS affords the power and scalability demanded by way of agencies that may also require extra Pen checking out than they once did. previously, when organizations’ IT was extra static and packages and hardware were deployed less frequently, a unmarried annual check on a business’ networks or packages become good enough.

however, with IT now greater dynamic and continuously converting, the everyday organization now deploys extra new programs than they used to, all of which comes with the elevated hazard of inadvertently introducing a new vulnerability. The ‘annual’ penetration take a look at can’t maintain up with the pace of enterprise alternate, whereas, in assessment, PTaaS offers the scope for accomplishing more than one tests all through the 12 months.


The PTaaS version provides these reports in an interactive Platform as opposed to a static document, allowing every vulnerability to be addressed lots extra efficiently. This gets rid of the want for information to be extracted to tune and manage remediation, ensuring that issues aren’t ignored or left out as companies manage more than one reports SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

With the growing reliance on Pen testing, it’s clear that current models can no longer supply the extent of guarantee in safety as they once did. What’s wished is a service that no longer handiest exposes companies’ vulnerabilities but allows them patch them up successfully and effectively SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.


How can Codec Networks assist SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023?

With unmatched information our professionals exercising its personal revolutionary state of the artwork practices and technique to help client:

SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023 examine customer’s network architecture, structures and net hosting systems, against inner and external security Threats
Craft a success solutions built in in Networks and systems idiot evidence in opposition to the prevailing internal and outside vulnerabilities
undertake strategies to build comfy, strong and exceptional driven employer offerings in your clients and help corporate clients execute their strategic enterprise objectives in maximum secured surroundings.
Values of Codec networks’ Penetration trying out services SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

reducing hazard to the business: Penetration check will show the vulnerabilities within the centered systems & the dangers to the business. primarily based on an permitted approach every of the risks is then evaluated. This paperwork the premise for a detailed report classifying the dangers as both excessive-Medium-Low.

protect clients, partners & 0.33 events: penetration take a look at increases clients, partners & third parties confidence and a pro method by means of taking the essential measures to preserve the safety of your environment. This exercise will cause retaining present commercial enterprise, attracting new business and sooner or later boom revenue & income.
evaluate your IT safety investment: The penetration trying out will provide you with an unbiased view and an ideal possibility to review the effectiveness of present day safety investment. what’s running, what is not working and what’s needs to be improved.
Our Vulnerability evaluation & Penetration testing offerings SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

We gives more than a few penetration testing offerings to satisfy your needs. We additionally offer custom answers, so make certain to contact us to learn how we are able to help your employer.

community structure layout assessment security centered assessment of your community-based computing environment, from each an architecture and operational attitude SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.
network Vulnerability assessment successfully Evaluates a community’s protection posture from one or extra locations via scanning the network for vulnerabilities and manually validating the outcomes.

community Penetration testing external or internal Identifies and exploits vulnerabilities to your internal and external networks, presenting a practical security assessment of community infrastructure components current vulnerabilities SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023.

wi-fi community Penetration checking out We simulates real-world assaults to provide a factor-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats for your wireless community infrastructure.
net application Penetration testing We paintings a complete framework for assessing the security of web-based totally programs, as a foundation for our internet software assessment method.

cell application Penetration checking out as the good sized use of cellular programs keeps to grow, clients and agencies discover themselves going through the brand new threats around privateness,

insecure application integration, and tool robbery. We cross past searching at API and web vulnerabilities to study the chance of the application on a cell platform.
Social Engineering Penetration trying out Malicious customers are often extra a hit at breaching a network infrastructure thru social engineering than via traditional community/software exploitation. to help you prepare for this kind of strike, we use a aggregate human and electronic methodologies to simulate assaults.
methodology and reporting SERVICE AS A PENTEST 2023:

Many penetration assessments will provide you with a huge listing of troubles with little context on how to fix matters or what to prioritize. CODEC Networks affords you with a prioritized list via using the DREAD method, looking on the harm capability, reproducibility, exploitability, quantity of affected customers, and discoverability of every finding. you may get a detailed description and proof of idea for each locating, as well as actionable remediation steerage and reference. because CODEC

Networks is aware that the risk severity is simplest one factor in prioritizing remediation efforts, you will additionally advantage perception into the level of attempt needed to remediate the findings. in addition, you’ll also acquire:

An attack storyboard that walks you through state-of-the-art chained assaults
Scorecards that evaluate your environment with great practices from an attacker’s perspective.
high-quality findings that name out what protection controls you’ve got which can be effective

Penetration tests are commonplace in offensive security, and their efficiency is no longer to be proven. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. Traditional pentesting is showing its limits in the face of diversifying threats, both in terms of flexibility and strike force.

Crowdsourced cybersecurity offers a new perspective: Penetration Testing as a Service, or PtaaS. The idea is simple: the pentest is not conducted by a consulting firm or a usual service provider, but by a platform that mobilizes its community of researchers and ethical hackers. The difference may seem trivial, and yet…

Pentest as a Service and the traditional approach differ in many ways, from the time to launch to the price, the communication with the pentesters or the reporting rhythm.

Let’s take a look at these two different approaches to the same exercise.

1. How long to launch a pentest?

Traditional Pentest

Before launching a pentest, one must first define its scope as well as the vulnerabilities to be excluded from the searches – brute force attacks for example. As part of a traditional pentest, this step generally involves meetings, phone calls and emails between the organization and the service provider. It’s also at this stage that the price and duration of the pentest are decided. Most often, the penetration test begins 3 to 6 weeks after all these questions have been answered.

Pentest as a Service

The “as a service” approach makes it possible to launch a pentest in a few days, or even in less than 24 hours if all stakeholders move fast. On our side, we have noticed that the launch of a Pentest as a Service generally occurs in less than a week from the first contact. Note that with a PtaaS, the operation can be extended on the fly if the initial duration turns out to be insufficient.

2. Who conducts the pentest ?

Traditional Pentest

The penetration test is performed by a professional pentester, who usually works for an IT consulting firm. Most penetration tests are conducted by one to two in-house pentesters. Most of the time, the client company has no control over the pentester(s) chosen for the mission.

Read also: Penetration testing: why and how to conduct a pentest

Pentest as a Service

With the collaborative approach, the penetration test is performed by researchers operating via a platform. These researchers are usually ethical hackers or professional pentesters working in addition to their main job. The number of researchers allocated to a crowdsourced pentest is theoretically limited only by its budget.

By leveraging the security researcher community, PtaaS can multiply skills on the fly. After all, each researcher has his or her own unique talents. The organization can thus choose the profiles best suited to its budget and scope, depending on the ecosystem targeted – web, cloud, API, etc. – technologies involved or suspected vulnerabilities.

The expertise of researchers can vary significantly from one platform to another. Some public platforms open their doors to everyone with a simple registration, beginners as well as seasoned experts. Others have adopted a private and selective community model, like the Yogosha Strike Force.

3. The remuneration of the pentester/ethical hacker

Traditional Pentest

The pentester is usually an employee of the firm commissioned to perform the pentest. He therefore receives a salary at the end of the month, regardless of the number of audits conducted.

Pentest as a Service

It is hard to say for each platform, as the remuneration models can vary from one to another. At Yogosha, hunters are paid at an average daily rate for pentest operations.


4. What about the communication with the pentesters ?

Traditional Pentest

As part of a classic penetration test, communication with pentesters can vary from one firm to another. Most of the time, internal teams will have little or no interactions with them. The majority of exchanges are done via a single point of contact, a project manager for example.

Pentest as a Service

Using a platform, communication between internal teams and researchers is direct and regular throughout the project. This close collaboration offers three significant advantages over the conventional approach:

  • Direct exchanges with researchers make the pentest process more streamlined by removing superfluous middlemen;
  • Points of friction or misunderstanding can be discussed, clarified and resolved during the pentest to make it more efficient;
  • The company’s employees can increase their skills by working alongside ethical hackers.

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