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WHAT IS VLAN 2023 A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a logical collection of devices such as workstations, servers, and network devices that are grouped together to appear to be on the same LAN despite their geographic distribution.

VLANs provide the following benefits WHAT IS VLAN 2023 methood:

VLANs can be locally significant or aggregated across multiple Layer 2 devices. VLANs are implemented to achieve scalability, security, and ease of network management, and can quickly adapt to changes in network requirements and the relocation of workstations and server nodes.

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Security – Separating systems that have sensitive data from the rest of the network reduces the likelihood that people will gain access to information they are not authorized to access.

Performance/Bandwidth – Careful monitoring of network usage allows the network administrator to create VLANs that reduce the number of router hops and increase apparent bandwidth for network users.

Broadcasts/Traffic flow – Since the basic feature of a VLAN is the fact that it does not forward broadcast traffic to nodes that are not part of the VLAN, it automatically limits broadcasts.

Easier fault management – ​​Network troubleshooting can be easier and faster when your different user groups are segmented and isolated from each other. If you know that complaints are only coming from a certain subset of users, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down where to look for the problem WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

Departments/Specific Job Types – Companies may want VLANs set up for departments that are heavy network users (such as multimedia or engineering) or cross-departmental VLANs that are dedicated to specific types of employees (such as managers or salespeople).



Step 1:

Place and connect the device as shown below WHAT IS VLAN 2023:

Step 2:

Configure VLANs on both switches using the commands below in the CLI

Step 3:

Associate the switch ports with the already configured VLANs on both switches as shown below:

Step 4:

Configure the mode trunk for all switch interfaces that connect to another switch using the commands below:

Step 5:

Now enter the IP address and subnet mask for each laptop connected to the switch as shown below:

All 4 laptops are assigned an IP address and subnet masks as follows WHAT IS VLAN 2023:

Notebook 1:

Notebook 2:

Notebook 3:

Notebook 4:

After completing the five-step configuration above, verify that the configuration is correct by pinging between laptops with the same vlan configuration. This ping should be successful as shown below ADVANTAGES of VLAN::

Similarly, pinging between devices in different VLANs will fail as shown below:

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VLANs (Virtual LANs) are logical groupings of devices in the same broadcast domain. VLANs are typically configured on switches by placing some interfaces in one broadcast domain and some interfaces in another. Each VLAN acts as a subset of switch ports in an Ethernet LAN ADVANTAGES of VLAN:.

VLANs can be propagated across multiple switches, with each VLAN considered its own subnet or broadcast domain. This means that frames broadcast to the network will only be switched between ports within the same VLAN.

A VLAN behaves like a physical LAN, but allows hosts to be grouped together in the same broadcast domain even if they are not connected to the same switch. Here are the main reasons why VLANs are used:

VLANs increase the number of broadcast domains while reducing their sizeWHAT IS VLAN 2023:.
VLANs reduce security risks by reducing the number of hosts that receive copies of frames that overwhelm the switches.
you can keep hosts that store sensitive data on separate VLANs to improve security.
you can create more flexible network designs that group users by department instead of physical location.
network changes can be easily achieved by simply configuring the port to the appropriate VLAN.
The following topology shows a network with all hosts inside the same VLAN ADVANTAGES of VLAN::

Network without VLAN

Without VLANs, broadcasts sent from host A would reach all devices on the network. Each device will receive and process broadcast frames, increasing CPU overhead on each device and reducing overall network security.

By placing the interfaces on both switches in separate VLANs, broadcasts from host A would only reach devices inside the same VLAN because each VLAN is a separate broadcast domain. Hosts in other VLANs will not even realize that the communication has taken place. This is shown in the image below:

A network with VLANs

A router is needed to reach hosts in otherWHAT IS VLAN 2023.
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Virtual local area networks, or VLANs, have become important as network complexity has exceeded the capacity of typical local area networks (LANs). Originally, a LAN connected a group of computers and associated devices to a server via cables in a shared physical location (hence the term “local”). Many LANs now connect devices via wireless Internet instead of Ethernet, although most LANs use a combination of both types of connections. Over time, organizations have grown in their networking needs and required solutions that allow networks to grow in size, flexibility and complexity ADVANTAGES of VLAN:.

VLANs bypass the physical limitations of LANs due to their virtual nature and allow organizations to scale their networks, segment them to increase security measures and reduce network latency.

What is a VLAN and what is its purpose?

A VLAN is essentially a collection of devices or network nodes that communicate with each other as if they form a single LAN, even though they actually exist on one or more LAN segments. In a technical sense, a segment is separated from the rest of the LAN by a bridge, router, or switch, and is usually used for a specific department. This means that when a workstation sends packets, they reach all other workstations in the VLAN, but none outside it WHAT IS VLAN 2023:.

This simplifies many of the potential complications caused by LANs, including excessive network traffic and collisions. When two workstations send data packets simultaneously on a LAN connected through a hub, the data collides and is not transmitted correctly. The collision propagates throughout the network, meaning that the LAN is busy and requires users to wait until the collision is fully propagated throughout the network before it is operational again – at which point the original data must be sent againWHAT IS VLAN 2023.

VLANs reduce collisions and reduce wasted network resources by acting as LAN segments. Data packets sent from a workstation on a segment are carried by a bridge or switch that will not forward collisions but will send broadcasts to all network devices. For this reason, segments are called “collision domains” because they contain collisions within a given section ADVANTAGES of VLAN:.

However, VLANs have more functionality than even a LAN segment, as they allow for greater data security and logical partitioning. Remember that a VLAN acts as a single LAN, even if it only forms a segment. This means that the broadcast domain of a VLAN is the VLAN itself, not each network segment. Additionally, partitions do not need to be defined by the physical location of network devices. Instead, they can be grouped by department, project team, or any other logical organizational principle.

Why should you use VLANs?

Organizations greatly benefit from the benefits of using VLANs, including increased performance, greater flexibility in network configuration and workgroup creation, and reduced administrative overhead WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

VLANs are cost-effective because workstations in a VLAN communicate with each other through VLAN switches and do not require routers unless they are sending data outside the WHAT IS VLAN 2023. This allows VLANs to handle the increased data load because while switches have fewer options than routers, routers cause bottlenecks. VLANs do not need to pass information through the router to communicate with devices on the network, reducing overall network latency ADVANTAGES of VLAN:.
VLANs offer more flexibility than non-virtual network solutions. VLANs can be configured and assigned based on port, protocol, or subnet criteria, allowing VLANs to be changed and network design to change as needed. Additionally, because VLANs are configured based on things other than their physical connection to hardware or proximity to other devices WHAT IS VLAN 2023,

they allow groups that work together—and likely transfer large amounts of data to each other’s devices—to share VLANs, even if they work on separate floors or in different buildings.
VLANs reduce the amount of administrative oversight required by network administrators such as managed service providers (MSPs).

VLANs allow network administrators to automatically restrict access to a specific group of users by dividing workstations into different isolated LAN segments. When users move their workstations, administrators don’t have to reconfigure the network or change VLAN groups. These factors reduce the amount of time and energy energy managers have to spend on configuration and security measures WHAT IS VLAN 2023.
What is an example of a VLAN?
Many organizations have wide area networks (WANs) due to their large offices and large teams. In these scenarios, multiple VLANs would greatly speed up network operations. Large companies often work on cross-functional projects WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

Easy VLAN configuration – and reassignment of users to VLANs – allows interdepartmental teams to be placed on the same VLAN, facilitating the sharing of large volumes of data. Marketing, sales, IT and business analysts can work together to achieve high goals most effectively when network segmentation facilitates flexible teamwork.

While VLANs have their own complications, such as VLAN mismatch, MSPs who know how to properly configure VLANs can use their strong network segmentation benefits to make their clients’ networks faster and more secure while providing them with physical flexibility. As all networks evolve over time, MSPs who know how to perform VLAN maintenance and control device distribution can increase and maintain network performance ADVANTAGES of VLAN WHAT IS VLAN 2023:.

A VLAN is a custom network that is created from one or more local area networks. It allows you to merge a group of devices available in multiple networks into one logical network. The result is a virtual LAN that is managed like a physical LAN. The full form of a VLAN is defined as a virtual local area network WHAT IS VLAN 2023.


The topology below shows a network with all hosts on the same virtual LAN:

network with all hosts inside the same WHAT IS VLAN 2023.
Without VLANs, broadcasts sent from a host can easily reach all network devices. Each device processes the received broadcast frames WHAT IS VLAN 2023. It can increase CPU overhead on each device and reduce overall network security.

If you place the interfaces on both switches in a separate VLAN, broadcasts from host A can only reach devices available within the same VLAN. VLAN hosts will not even realize that the communication has taken place. This is shown in the image below:

Host A can only access devices available in the same WHAT IS VLAN 2023
A VLAN in networks is a virtual LAN extension. A LAN is a group of computers and peripherals that are connected in a limited area such as a school, laboratory, home, and office building. It is a widely useful network for sharing resources such as files, printers, games and other applications.

In this virtual LAN tutorial you will learn:

Here is the detailed information on how VLAN works:

VLANs in the network are identified by a number WHAT IS VLAN 2023.
Valid range is 1-4094. On the VLAN switch, you assign the correct VLAN number to the ports.
The switch then allows data to be sent between different ports with the same VLAN.
Since almost all networks are larger than one switch, there should be a way to send traffic between two switches.
One simple and easy way to do this is to assign a port to each network switch with a VLAN and run a cable between them.

Here are the important VLAN ranges WHAT IS VLAN 2023:

Scope description
VLAN 0-4095 Reserved VLAN that cannot be viewed or used.
VLAN 1: This is the switches default VLAN. You cannot delete or modify this VLAN, but it can be used.
VLAN 2-1001: It is a normal VLAN range. You can create, edit and delete it.
VLAN 1002-1005: These ranges are CISCO default values ​​for token ring and FDDI. This VLAN cannot be deleted.
VLAN 1006-4094: This is an extended series of VLANs.

VLAN example
In the example below, there are 6 hosts on 6 switches with different VLANs. You need 6 ports to connect the switches. This means that if you have 24 different VLANs, you will only have 24 hosts on 45 port switches.

Here are the important features of VLANs WHAT IS VLAN 2023:

Virtual LANs offer a structure for creating groups of devices even if their networks are different WHAT IS VLAN 2023.
Increases the number of broadcast domains on the LAN.
Implementing VLANs reduces security risks by reducing the number of hosts connected to a broadcast domain.
This is done by configuring a separate virtual LAN only for hosts that have sensitive information.
It has a flexible network model that groups users by department instead of network location.
Changing hosts/users in a VLAN is fairly easy. It only needs a new configuration at the port level.
It can reduce congestion by sharing traffic because each VLAN acts as a separate LAN.
The workstation can be used with full bandwidth on each port.
Redistributing terminals is easy WHAT IS VLAN 2023.
A VLAN can span multiple switches.
A trunk connection can carry traffic for multiple LANs.
Types of VLANs
Here are the important types of VLANs

Types of VLANs
Port-Based VLAN
Port-based VLANs group a virtual local area network by port. In this type of virtual LAN, a switch port can be manually configured per VLAN member.

Devices connected to this port will belong to the same broadcast domain because all other ports are configured with a similar VLAN number WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

The challenge with this type of network is knowing which ports are appropriate for each VLAN. VLAN membership cannot be determined by simply looking at a physical switch port. You can check this by checking the configuration information WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

Protocol-based VLAN
This type of VLAN handles traffic based on a protocol that can be used to define filtering criteria for tags, which are untagged packets WHAT IS VLAN 2023.

In this virtual LAN, the Layer 3 protocol is carried by the frame to determine VLAN membership. It works in a multi-protocol environment. This method is not practical in predominantly IP-based networks.

MAC based VLAN
MAC Based VLAN allows incoming untagged packets to be assigned a virtual LAN and thereby classify traffic depending on the source address of the packets. You define the MAC address on the VLAN mapping by configuring the mapping of the entry in the MAC to the VLAN table.

This entry is specified using the correct VLAN ID of the source Mac address. Table configurations are shared between all device ports ADVANTAGES of VLAN:


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