Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

The desired programs are installation robotically with the aid of putting in the toolkit. however, it’s miles recommended to put in libpcap-dev and libgmp3-dev applications manually for easy installation of Xerosploit Toolkit.

Xerosploit Toolkit–MITM Framework for community Penetration:

Xerosploit Toolkit is a network penetration checking out framework that plays numerous penetration sorting out sports, which includes sniffing, network mapping, ports scanning, and simulating cyber-assaults together with Denial of provider (DoS), HTML code injection, JavaScript Code injection, DNS spoofing, and manipulating net pages content material fabric (defacement).

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

Xerosploit Toolkit installation:

Xerosploit Toolkit is a Python device that requires the subsequent packages and gear to perform.


sudo apt-get installation libpcap-dev
sudo apt-get set up libgmp3-dev
to install XeroSploit, proceed by way of cloning the toolkit the usage of the following command.



After cloning the toolkit, run the installation.py document from the xerosploit listing.

cd Xerosploit Toolkit

sudo python install.py

xerosploit installation

provide the gadget information to the toolkit while induced via deciding on the host OS to complete the installation machine.

Xerosploit Toolkit Interface

After a success installation of Xerosploit Toolkit , the toolkit can be released thru typing the subsequent command in the terminal.

sudo xerosploit

The toolkit fetches and presentations the host running gadget configuration data on the show.

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

Host network configuration Xerosploit Toolkit!

XeroSploit has a fixed of instructions that may be regarded through typing the assist command. the primary to be had commands encompass check, iface, gateway, start, and rmlog. the complete list of instructions may be visible in the following screenshot.

Xerosploit Toolkit assist

The test command is used to map the goal community and discovering all the network hosts. The iface command is used to manually set the host interface. The start command skips the scanning method and dreams a given host IP deal with. via default, XeroSploit logs all the scanning statistics. however, the logs file may be removed with the aid of manner of using the rmlog command.

How Xerosploit Toolkit Works

As noted above, XeroSploit can be used for network scanning, port scanning, sniffing, DoS assault, HTML injection, Java injection, DNS spoofing, net pages defacements, playing history audios in browsers, and taking photographs the snap shots being explored by means of using the victim. a whole lot of those utilities can be finished through jogging the respective modules.

community Scanning example

by means of typing the test command in the terminal, Xerosploit Toolkit scans and lists all of the to be had hosts inside the purpose network.

xerosploit test

once all of the hosts are found, we will manually choose a target host IP and run particular modules to reap the popular dreams. allow’s think we need to test all the ports of a purpose host within the community. this will be carried out through typing the host IP ( and port scanning command (pscan) in the terminal.


The outcomes are displayed in a tabular format, showing the port quantity, port fame, and walking offerings.


DNS Spoofing instance

To initiate DNS spoofing software, type following instructions in the terminal.

The tool turns on for the goal host IP cope with wherein all the traffic ought to be redirected. provide the desired IP cope with as tested underneath.

dspoof execution

This redirects all of the http website online traffic to the furnished IP deal with.

YPlay example

Yplay is some other software program of Xerosploit Toolkit that allows gambling the audio of a particular video in sufferer’s browser as a ancient beyond voice. To run this software program, type the subsequent instructions.

offer the desired video hyperlink in the following format to run its audio as historical beyond in the sufferer’s browser.

Yplay module

we’re able to run the alternative modules in a similar way by typing their names within the terminal and following the commands. The whole list of modules may be found with the aid of typing the module help command.

Modules lists


Xerosploit Toolkit is a respectable penetration finding out device that can be used for scanning as well as simulating assaults inside the community. except network penetration checking out, XeroSploit can carry out some internet assaults, including net pages defacement, taking pictures net photos, and redirecting net site visitors to a selected host.

Xerosploit Toolkit is a python-primarily based framework that mixes the power of Bettercap and Nmap to create effective guy-in-the-middle attacks.

Xerosploit is a penetration checking out toolkit with the intention of executing guy-in-the-center attacks for the motive of testing. It consists of some of modules that permit for efficient attacks, in addition to denial-of-service assaults and port scanning. This tool is powered by using Bettercap and Nmap.

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

For more facts on Xerosploit Toolkit.

whilst the set up procedure is entire, you can begin the device by means of going for walks the “xerosploit.py” record.


right here it’s going to show your network configuration, along with IP address, MAC cope with, gateway, interface, and hostname. type the “help” command within the console to view all available options.

“experiment” module
Xerosploit Toolkit will display a rundown of instructions for the attack. In this case, we will pick the “experiment” option on this next level for analyzing the complete community.

The scanning option will take a look at the entire community and could discover all viable hosts for your system. To perform a MITM attack, we want to choose the target IP cope with from the given outcome. For this academic, we selected

inside the next comment, it’s going to ask for the module you need to load for the man inside the middle assault. To listing all available modules, type the “assist” operator and hit “input.”

“Pscan” module
permit’s begin with the “pscan” module, that is a port scanner. it’ll display you all of the open ports on the network laptop and recover the model of the applications jogging at the identified ports.

Then, type the “run” command to execute the pscan module, and it’ll display you all open ports of the sufferer’s tool.
Xerosploit Toolkit is a penetration checking out toolkit whose aim is to carry out guy-in-the-center assaults for penetration trying out purposes. It brings numerous modules collectively that will help you carry out very efficient assaults. you can additionally use it to carry out denial of service attacks and port scanning.

you could down load this tool via typing the given command on your terminal or you can download it through clicking right here.

the following are a few instructions a good way to be used in this attack:

scan: To test your nearby network.
run: To execute the module
lower back: To exit from a selected module
help: to look all of the to be had modules of this tool.
once your down load is completed, you need to set up this device by using typing.

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

This may set up the tool in your Kali. After a success installation of Xerosploit Toolkit tool, kind

To experiment your community, type experiment This command will display all of the devices which might be connected in your network, and you may carry out this assault on any of them.

type assist to look all of the modules which you may execute. kind modules and take a look at the modules via the usage of the assist command. See the screenshot below:

As you can see, there are so many modules which may be used to attack home windows device. you may use any of them by really typing the name of the module (that you want to apply), after which type run to execute that module.

As you could see, I don’t have any open ports in my windows. Now kind lower back to go out this module.There are a few more thrilling modules which may be used. It’s a very simple and person-friendly tool Xerosploit Toolkit.

Right here is the reason of all the modules of this tool.

It scans all of the ports of the sufferer’s gadget, and indicates you a list of all of the open ports.

DOS: This module will make your sufferer’s device unresponsive. After this assault, the sufferer’s system hangs and doesn’t provide any response.

ping: To make certain that your victim is on hand or no longer.

This module injects HTML code on your sufferer’s system, and each time your victim opens a website, your HTML code may be proven there.

Much like Injecthtml. whenever your victim opens any internet site, your javascript also runs there.

sniff: It sniffs the packets of your sufferer’s gadget.

dspoof: it’s going to redirect all HTTP site visitors to a particular internet site, which you gave on this module.

yplay: whenever your victim opens any internet site, a legitimate, which Xerosploit Toolkit is designated on this module, is played in the historical past.

replace: that is also exciting. It replaced all of the photos of the sufferer’s browser with a particular image which you provided.

driftnet: This module captures each photo visible by way of your sufferer.

circulate: This module actions the entirety inside the net browser of your sufferer’s gadget.

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

 This tool overwrites each web web page along with your particular Xerosploit Toolkit page.

Xerosploit Toolkit is a python-based totally toolkit for creating efficient guy within the middle assaults which combines the energy of bettercap and nmap. The interface is pretty easy to use. It lets in you to test your community and then generate the proper attack in your sufferer. you can carry out a JavaScript injection, sniffing, traffic-redirection, port-scanning, defacement of the websites the sufferer browses or maybe a dos attack. Xerosploit Toolkit  set up Xerosploit works with Ubuntu, Kali-Linux and Parrot OS. For the set up you need to clone the tool from its Github repository. git clone https://github.com/LionSec/xerosploit.git After that, run the set up record to get all of the dependencies and equipment. cd Xerosploit Toolkit.

Xerosploit Toolkit in reality use the following command. python xerosploit.py you may without delay get the interface of the program with the community you’re in. you can then kind ‘help’ to peer all the instructions you can use. From there you first kind ‘test’ to look all the gadgets for your community. you then write down the ip of your sufferer and the device will list all the to be had modules. simply pick out the attack you want to carry out and that’s it, Xerosploit Toolkit gets the job done for you. as an example, the ‘sniff’ choice, will will let you seize the records of the sufferer. you have to pick if you need It’s as much as you to decide what precisely is your intention. these are the available assaults you can perform. What Bunny score does it get? Xerosploit can make your work easier. It’s a easy tool to apply with a respectable wide variety of assaults to perform.

however, I assume, the main purpose of this tool is to prevent time. It’s top for basic staff to do, but if you want greater state-of-the-art assaults it will not assist you plenty. So for this I provide it three out of five bunnies.

you may additionally inject HTML codes using the “injecthtml” module. HTML infusion is the weakness internal any website online that happens while the patron information isn’t appropriately secured, or the output isn’t encoded, and the assailant can infuse good sized HTML code right into a prone webpage. there are such a lot of strategies that could make use of detail and attributes to publish HTML content.

For this case, we used our primary HTML code, which is stored as an “index.html” report within the “/root/document/” directory.
Xerosploit Toolkit is a penetration checking out toolbox whose objective is to perform the man in the middle assaults. It brings distinct modules that allow to acknowledge gifted assault and furthermore permits to do DOS attacks and port filtering.

We are able to use this tool to perform DOS, MITM Xerosploit Toolkit , additionally the tool has driftnet modules which seize photos and additionally it will be used in appearing Injection attacks. It changed into committed by way of LionSec1, it’s far a effective and simple to apply the device.

also examine: grasp in ethical Hacking & Penetration testing on-line – Scratch to boost level Xerosploit Toolkit.

tool Dependencies
tool features
Port scanning
network mapping
Dos assault
Html code injection
Javascript code injection
download interception and substitute
DNS spoofing
history audio reproduction
pix substitute
Drifnet Xerosploit Toolkit
webpage defacement and extra.
Kali Linux academic – Xerosploit Toolkit
To clone Xerosploit git clone https://github.com/LionSec/xerosploit and to run set up sudo python deploy.py

need to pick out your operating gadget and to release type Xerosploit Toolkit.

simply need to type help to view all of the instructions.

First, we want to scan the community to map all the gadgets. Xerosploit Toolkitscan

Then pick out the goal IP address and sort help.

you could choose any Module to attack, permit’s we begin with port scanner pscan.

subsequent, we cross on strive launching a Dos assault, for examining packets we’ve configured Wireshark inside the recipient device.

type again to go the primary menu and then dos >> run to carry out the attack.

Xerosploit Toolkit 2023
Xerosploit Toolkit 2023

Now let’s try sniffing the pics Xerosploit Toolkit your pal seeing in his laptop.

As soon as the attack released we will sniff down all the pix that he’s viewing on his pc in our display screen.

we can do tons greater with this device simply by way of using the pass you may shake the browser contents and with Xerosploit Toolkit you can make audios to play within the historical past.

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Xerosploit Toolkit
Xerosploit is a penetration testing toolkit whose goal is to perform man in the middle attacks for testing purposes. It brings various modules that allow to realise efficient attacks, and also allows to carry out denial of service attacks and port scanning. Powered by bettercap and nmap.

Port scanning
Network mapping
Dos attack
Html code injection
jаvascript code injection
Download intercaption and replacement
Dns spoofing
Background audio reproduction
Images replacement
Webpage defacement


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